Hey Guys...
Been a while...
So, unlike usual, today's post is something different from the usual.
(Brace Yourselves) *rubs palms*

Trying to modify the blog, and I'm hoping you all grow with me on this "journey"; whatever it is really...
I'm hoping for the best for "The Style Hive" and all of that, and also really really grateful to all of our loyal and new readers, for stopping by as always.

In terms of modification, for my section on the blog, I decided to give it the indefinite sub-title, "Diary Of An Eclectic Stylist", because I want to be able to write about other stuff, (including my styling jobs or work in general), that we can really interact on, asides my personal style.

The sole purpose of blogging on my personal style, is/was to "market" my abilities or skills as an Image Consultant/Fashion Stylist.

But because it is a little challenging keeping up with that, as it requires the luxury of literally a whole lot of money that I can't often part away with  right now, because... priorities, it's going to be a once in while thing maybe.
Time will tell. :) 

By the way, I got the title idea from "Diary Of An Isaleeko Girl" on "StyleVitae".

What do you think? 
So anyway, I do have a knack for writing.
As a matter of fact, writing used to be or is oftentimes my way of "escaping" and expressing myself.
I feel like I express myself better in written form than in reality... and I often think of things that I can write on or I come up with a lot of #thoughtprovokingquestions in my head, hoping to find and share with people who can intellectually rack brains and share their own thoughts with me too, but never quite figured or thought I could on the blog,
Until now..... :)

I'm hoping that there'd be a very visible line between "what I personally think" and "what the topic is on", meaning a lot of what I hope we get to talk about, or what I'd write on, will not necessarily reflect what I personally feel or think, unless stated, but just majorly #thoughtprovoking.
I'm going to sound as neutral minded as possible, so that I don't get misquoted, as I am naturally very open-minded and neutral, and of course very open to learning too, since I enjoy questioning a lot of things because to be very honest, it just is interesting to.

I'd love for the blog to have diverse topics, and credible writers.

And so please if you'd love to write for 'The Style Hive", could be on your personal style too, all sorts, do send an email to eclecticstyle.me@gmail.com.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Anyway, I thought to write on this topic today, as the "social media' issue has been lingering on my mind for a while, and somehow today just seems perfect to write on it.

I'm going to try and be concise and straightforward as I can.
I have come to the personal realization that social media gives so much room for a lot of misconceptions.
This isn't obviously something new to talk about, but then. it is quite saddening to be honest.
How much of what we put up on social media identifies with who we are in reality?
Oftentimes, I am judged by what I put up, even when I have absolutely no intention to be seen or viewed in a certain way.

I say this because of comments I often get from friends or people. No, not bad comments, Lol, just comments that make you wonder how conclusions are arrived at based on your "online status".
"I never see you post pictures of guys, so I think you are gay" or you seem like a "big madam" or  " ahnahn, you are ALWAYS fine now, big girl like you", and meanwhile, in reality you are as broke as s**t or done crying your eyes out.

I'm sure there's absolutely nothing wrong in being a "big madam" or seeming fine to the world maybe, I mean, all things being equal but then it gets weird at a point, especially when you aren't in any way trying to put up a fa├žade.
You then often wonder, "please where are they getting these vibes" from?

These days, I've grown out of the necessity or need to update my social media accounts, because well I don't know really. I just don't have the urge to most times.

But then I obviously wasn't always this way.
I mean there was a time I'd have CRINGEWORTHY statuses on Facebook or BBM, that'd detail or give the reader an idea of what I was going through. Boy dramas and whatever. Sigh (covers face)
But guess what, life happened.... I grew out of that phase.

Social media isn't transparent, and I think that's the number one issue with it.
Or is social media even supposed to be transparent?

You can always choose to show the world how "not fine" you are, and you can" choose to pretend to show the world how fine you are, but eitherways, people will still choose to see what they want to see, irrespective of what is intended for them to see.

I have two close friends who decided to go off social media, maybe Facebook or open another Instagram page for privacy reasons or for one reason or the other. And their reasons also made a lot of sense,

I mean, the pressure online is real.

Like you almost consciously or unconsciously have to keep up with "something"

I remember feeling some "typa way" one time when a popular male Instagram handle once unfollowed me almost immediately after I put up a post with a caption talking about me "recycling" the outfit in that post.
It was probably coincidental though, but thennnn not at all impossible as that being the reason why. (I promise this isn't as silly a it sounds)

Heck, I remember being castigated for saying on the blog one time about how the outfits in that said post were bought as "fairly used".
This was me wanting to be real.

It then even makes you wonder why one can't naturally share stuff like that online for instance, or why you are supposed to hide certain things. I mean!!!

The charade of keeping up with a fake life isn't in anyway worth it, and then being real makes you "feel true and good with yourself"
So... what's the deal?
Okay yeah it's nobody's business if you choose to tell the world what a picture is exactly about (see example above), but then same people might in reality assume you are living a fake life or very "rich" based on "assumptions" of a captionless picture for instance, because you choose to put up the best looking picture out of a 100 pictures you have taken, and the outfit looks peng!

Mahn, it's a confusing lifestyle! *facepalm*

This even brings me to question why exactly we put up pictures on social media.

What are your truthful digdeep personal reasons?
What exactly is personal and what isn't?

 I think a bit of mystery is fine though!

But what do you think?

What are your thoughts?
Looking forward to reading them.

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What do you think?  

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