Nigerian Fashion Label, @amarelisatelier recently released its Fall/Winter 2016 collection, titled "Innocencia De Florence", and we are "stanning" hard!
Can you guess our faves?

Find pictures below! 

Shoot Direction and Styling: @sharonojong
Photography: @tope_horpload
Model: @thenwando
Makeup Artist: @arabylaide
Hair: @fredmakeover

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"The best of things are sometimes or often times unplanned"

The more I grow "style wise", the more I realise I love mixing prints. 
As a matter of fact, while styling an individual or a client, that's majorly what I notice I'd want to do; "Mix prints".

Mixing prints is super fun and just out of the ordinary.
Sort of like creating stuff, or basically experimenting or should I say damning the fashion consequences?!

And for this personal style post, I mixed three different prints. 
Three?? I know right!

Three might seem much to try, but I promise it's beautifully easy.

The TRICK/TIP I applied here is mix neutral prints basically.
The "Leopard print" and "Black and White print" are NEUTRALS; meaning they can be paired with literally almost any other type of print.
Amazing right?
More amazing that they don't seem to "clash"

Plus I rocked my hair in "bantu knots", which I didn't also even plan to leave that way, but did, because I just well,...... changed my mind. 

What do you think?

Do have a beautiful week ahead.
And thank you always for being a Style Hivist :)
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You know how when you genuinely love something you keep doing it or going back to it?
Yeah I did just that!

Happy New Month Darlings! 

Even though this wasn't a planned post, I thought to eventually show you how I styled my outfit using the layering technique again.

I loved the combo I wore HERE, and decided to style another skirt previously worn HERE too, the same way.

What do you think?

Have a positive week ahead and a positive month too, and in the words of my Tee, "Live, Love And Dream".

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Skirt: Jumia (Nma Clothing)
Blue Graphic Tee- Gifted
Shirt: Old Item
Perspex Shoes: Jumia
 photo ff5663f2-1ee7-48cd-8d8b-3da93f5e213f_zps1bef1833.png